Company Services

Ekathva Innovations, provides service to the clients on both Embedded and IT streams, which can be utilised to convert your ideas into reality.

Embedded Services

The Embedded Service team at Ekathva Innovations, has the expertise to design and develop products. Our team can identify the need, design and build the solutions from scratch to suit the specific requirement of the customer. At Ekathva Innovations, we provide best services from basics circuit design to product level designing with a well-versed engineering team.

IT Services

Ekathva Innovations offers a wide range of services in the area of application development and IT. At Ekathva Innovations we deliver services from poster designing to web designing with a highly skilled and experienced IT engineering and designing team.

Embedded Services

Embedded design circuits
  • Analog and digital circuit design

    Digital / Analog Circuit Design

  • Embedded circuit designs

    Embedded System Design

  • wireless system design[IOT]

    Wireless System Design [IoT]

  • prototyping and development board

    Prototyping and Development Service

  • Embedded cloud computing services IOT

    Embedded Cloud Computing Services [IoT]

  • single sided pcb design

    Single Sided PCB Design

  • double sided pcb design

    Double Sided PCB Design

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IT Services

  • Android and IOS app development

    Android / IOS App Development

  • website design and development

    Website Design and Development

  • Domain registration and Hosting

    Domain Registration and Hosting

  • Software development

    Software Development

  • Designing Logo

    Logo Design

IT services

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