With the zeal of simplifying the day to day problems in the field of electronics, an Indian start-up company Ekathva Innovations Pvt., Ltd., came into mainstream. Company consists of electronics and computer science engineers who have enthusiasm in making day to day life better with their creative ideas.

Company, which was established in mid of 2018 in the JNNCE Campus, Shivamogga in Karnataka state is targeting electronics and information technology field. Company mainly aims in making user friendly and economic products in the areas of design and development of the Embedded Systems, Printed circuit boards, Industrial automation, Home automation and automotive electronics which comes in the horizon of electronics whereas website development and app development both on android and iOS in the field of information technology. Company also banks on some in-house projects and always open for the projects proposed by clients.

With the ideas of innovation in creating the better future in the ever-changing field of electronics and IT, company wants to be pioneer in some of the products which will change the perspective of everyday life to the layman too.

With the motto of invent for betterment, we strive hard in bringing out the economic, uncomplicated, simple products to the world.

Our Vision

To change the perspective of everyday life even to a layman by filling the gap of the need in the field of Electronics and Information Technology with finest quality solutions.

Our Mission

To bring out economic products with impeccable quality and accuracy in the field of day to day Electronics and Information Technology, for the problems ranging from simpler to complex.


Vikas H C

Akshay K Kulkarni

Akshay K K

Koushik R Udupa